To file a bug report please use the support forum below. In almost all cases I'll need to reproduce the problem, meaning I'll need that troublesome Raw file. Please upload it to the group file repository or send it to me in some other way.

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Support group (forum):

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To report a crash:

If RPP doesn’t crash on launch - start it, go to menu Help and click “Create Diagnostic Archive on Desktop” to create .zip file on your Desktop. Then click “Provide RPP Feedback!” and attach the archive to the email message. There may be a lot of scary looking data in those logs, hundreds of kilobytes and even more is not uncommon, but no personal information - pure technical gibberish. I really want to see those logs :)

If RPP crashes on launch and you can’t use it at all - Mac OS X saves the crash log it in your Home directory in subdirectory  Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ . Go there, find files with names containing  “Raw Photo Processor” and send them to me. Please!

Please, provide your feedback! I want to know your opinion about RPP! You may use the submenu "Provide RPP Feedback" in the "Raw Photo Processor" menu, right below the regular "About" dialog in the RPP. You may also click this link to do the same right now!

Thank you!